It was a full moonlit September night. The moon circled in the sky, covered only occasionally by a blanket of clouds, the already cool, but not yet bitterly cold air wafted through the open window, bringing the smells of ripe apples and the first fallen leaves. The trees, caressed by a light breeze, cast long shadows on the floor of the room. Looking at their mysterious flickering, I fell asleep, but after a while my eyes opened again by themselves.

I could have sworn I heard a strange crunching and rumbling, like someone running around the room. I got out of bed, turned on the dim night light and looked around - there was nothing behind the curtain or under the bed. Parents were sleeping in the next room. There was silence outside. Maybe you heard?

Suddenly I heard a strange noise again, this time on the first floor of the house. Although my heart was pounding with anxiety, I couldn't resist the temptation - I sneaked down the stairs barefoot. There was nothing out of the ordinary in the kitchen, but a faint streak of light coming from the hallway meant that someone had opened the door to the house! I carefully went there and found my shoes and coat neatly laid out. Someone who didn't want to show up yet invited me to go on an adventure. I felt with all my heart that these were good forces, that nothing terrible would happen. So I took a breath and went out to meet the unknown.

A magical forest

The moon wall had specially built a bright path for me - like a golden glowing thread leading from the yard to the nearby forest. I walked along it as if hypnotized, feeling with all my heart that something magical was happening around me. I felt that I was not alone, that I was being watched by the eyes of unknown creatures, but even strangely, the fear and anxiety disappeared somewhere, I felt as if I was returning to my friends. The trees grew thicker, the trail of the full moon growing fainter in the moss, until at last I came to a large oak. When I touched his thick rough trunk with my palm, the world around me seemed to disappear. My head started spinning, my eyes got dark, I felt like I was flying through the night sky. And when I opened my eyes again, I saw a great lake, and beside it a burning fire, and animals dancing about it.

Extraordinary animals

Right next to me came two bears: white and brown. They started looking around, sniffing the air, and then they fixed their eyes directly on me and scanned me from head to toe with a curious look. I'll be honest, I was so confused that I thought I was going to pass out, but they suddenly turned and started dancing, holding hands, that even the ground shook under their feet. I didn't have time to retaliate when a gray hare jumped up. The flames of the campfire were reflected in his fur as if in a mirror, and playful sparkles shone in his eyes. He circled around me, kicking pine cones to the side, before finally lurching back to the pack of beasts.

And to my horror, a huge, proud, good-eyed wolf slowly approached me from the campfire. Frightened, I began to retreat and flourished on the stump. But when he looked at me with his warming gaze, I felt myself becoming stronger than I had ever been. The impression was further enhanced by a graceful cat that rubbed his legs pleasantly, whose purring gave an unearthly peace. Then a frog emerged from the lake and jumped up with a flower on its head. She squealed merrily to let me know she liked me, and she was joined by a golden-glowing squirrel scattering nuts of the same color at my feet. I picked one up off the ground and put it in my coat pocket as a souvenir.

Suddenly, a fox of amazing beauty emerged from behind the dense bushes - its glistening fur shone like snow, the waves of the lake shimmered in its eyes, and its tail, big and wide like wings of fire, took away the promise. I didn't even realize how I stretched out my hands to her, and the fox came closer and put her head on my lap. After that she motioned for me to follow her. The animals accepted me into the pack as their equal - I felt with all my heart that these animals were so close to me, like old friends. I danced until the moon hid behind the great oak and my eyes began to droop uncontrollably.

My secret amulet

When I woke up in my bed in the morning, I couldn't understand if I had just dreamed that celebration in the forest. I knew that if I told my friends, they wouldn't believe me, so I told only my mother. She smiled and assured me that such an experience was very important and reminded me that I have loved foxes since I was a child. Apparently, my soul animal decided to appear to me, reminding me of myself.

I got ready for school, and there was no time to think about fairy tales. It was only when I was returning from classes that I remembered the magical forest again. Even I began to doubt whether I had experienced it, but then I accidentally put my hand in my coat pocket and felt something round. When I pulled it out, I saw a large nut, shining gold in the sunlight. I flew home like on wings. When I opened the door, I found my mother, smiling mysteriously, handing me a strange bundle. After unpacking I found an impressive hat with fox ears. The moment I put on my hat, the strength and confidence I felt during the night returned. Again I felt extremely strong, free, it seemed that I was no longer afraid of anything, I was not worried about anything. My secret friend, the fox, was around again. It will always be like this from now on.



That special feeling after meeting the fox has not left him until now. I realized I had to tell everyone about it. It turns out that animals can help strengthen individuality, find the strength to pursue your dreams, and help when you are in a sad or bad mood. That mysterious night, the forest animals explained to me that they are our friends. Even if we don't see or meet them every day, they are always there. You just have to let your soul animal choose us. How to do it?

*Which animal do you like the most? Think of everyone, let your thoughts flow freely, let his image emerge. Let your soul animal choose you.

*Pay attention to your dreams. Do you often dream of the same animal? This could be your soulmate.

*Maybe some animal is chasing you nicely, trying to say - choose me. Maybe you keep seeing it in books, paintings, movies, on things and clothes?

*Be in nature and let your mind travel. It is possible that the animal that you think about the most while walking through the forest paths or park paths will be your chosen soul animal.

*Read encyclopedias and other books that are full of animals. If you feel that one animal keeps drawing your attention, it is likely to be your soul animal.

What to do when you find a soul animal? Get to know him better. Read about him, watch shows about nature, find out where he lives, what he likes, where his strength lies. After that, think about how the characteristics of the beast relate to you? How does the animal and what it symbolizes relate to your experiences or experiences? If your soul animal could talk, what would it tell you, what secrets would it reveal?