by Egle Ziemyte

Initially, in the middle of this summer, it was just a fun family dinner table conversation about dreams, hats, inspirations and ideas born from it. But with the endless abundance of ideas from all the family members, it turned out as alwaysAlthough to eachfor a newly born projectsmall or largeit takes a lot of work and heart, it is very important for my daughters and I, because it allows us to realize our dreams and ideas.

So, our family - me and my two daughters Sofia and Kotryna, with my new accessories project The Animal Of My Soul we offer to you don't freeze your ears this fall and winter! Inspired by the legends told by Sofia, we rolled up our sleeves, we created magical forest hats! They are not only warm and playful, but they also seem magical to us. So if you - our friends, young and old, will look for more joy in gloomy days, warmth and comfortby going to our website www.theanimalofmysoul.com that's exactly what you'll find! Follow us from a young age on social networks, join our club of magical forest dwellers and be who you really want to be!


2023 09 21